Graphic Design is all about Visual Communication. What we create needs to achieve something, be it to inform, inspire or encourage your target to take action, preferably in your direction.

Yes, we do that through use of fonts, images, shapes, colours and space, however, our first question to you is not what is your favourite colour, it is
“What is the desired outcome that you want to achieve”?

Once we know that, we can then start working on how to achieve that, using graphic design to create something that communicates visually to the majority of people.

That’s what our team of Jaimee-Lee and Brett do. Working together, they have the long term knowledge and experience of Brett, combined with the fresh ideas and vibrancy of Jaimee-Lee. If you want to know more about these two gifted people, then please check out our Staff Page, or, you can easily find out more by giving us a call on 09 238 0750, or popping into the office to talk to them.

What do we design?

Whatever you need. There is the obligatory logos, business cards and letterheads, moving then onto flyers, handouts, booklets, brochures, manuals, cards, calendars, posters, postcards, vouchers, etc.

We can then move onto some rather more specific areas such as Trade Stands, Product Packaging, Identity Manuals, Illustrations, Checklists (e.g. for Health & Safety), Customer Promotions and Competitions, etc.

Give us a call, email, or pop in and see us sometime!