Business Support

Workz4U is your administration department, your receptionist, and your personal assistant all rolled into one.

Our virtual assistant services that we provide are designed to support you and your business; we’ll take care of all the little bits and pieces that pile up in your every day life. Therefor giving you more time to concentrate on things that are important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business Support
    To sum it up Business Support is anything done in an office, and sometimes more. Our range of services includes typing, transcription, desktop publishing, spread sheet design, database and mailing list management, online communications, proofreading, printing, event planning, bulk mail outs, email communication, newsletters, training and any other business administration that may be required.
  • Confidentiality
    During the course of our working relationship with you we may be privy to private and confidential information relating to your business. You can be assured that Workz4U will never divulge any confidential information to any third party unless instructed to do so.
  • Experience
    Our team is experienced in various administration, design, print and web based services. We are constantly updating our training, knowledge and systems.
  • Fees & Pricing
    Most of our services are billed based on the time spent on them; in most cases we can provide a quote prior to commencing any work for you. Our print prices are competitive and our turnaround times and quality of finish are exceptional.
  • Knowledge & Skills
    As we provide a variety of services we will often pair a specific job or task with the team member who is most suited to the job.

    This ensures that you get the best result on each task and that you know you have a team of support staff behind your business.
  • Outsourcing
    Compare the cost of a full time employee to paying for services as and when you need them. Additional expenses like Kiwi Saver, PAYE, an additional desk, computer and telephone are things you no longer need to worry about.
  • Ownership
    Workz4U retains the ownership of all designs until paid for in full. Once paid in full, any designs are yours to use as you wish.

    If you need your logo, for example, in a specific format just let us know and we’ll send it through.
  • Security
    All our files are backed up every day so you can rest easy knowing you will always be able to access any work we have completed for you unless directed by yourselves. We never delete anything, so even later down the track Workz4U you will still hold a copy of your documents and files.
  • Service
    The team here at Workz4U pride ourselves on exceptional service. We enjoy being a part of your team and have as much ambition for the future for your business as you do.
  • Simplicity
    Our aim is simple – to support you in your business so that you can refocus on your goals and what it is that is important to you and to your business.
  • Software
    We primarily ustilise the Microsoft Office Professional Suite 2010 and Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and CS5.5. Our software is kept up-to-date.
  • Solutions
    If we haven’t mentioned it here, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. And if we can't do it, chances are we know someone locally who can. We enjoy finding solutions for you.
  • Turnaround
    In most cases we can have your job completed within 48 hours.
    I need something done urgently – can you help? Of course we can! We realise that sometimes things get left till the last minute and need to be completed asap, that’s why we’re only too happy to help out in an urgent situation. To enable us to prioritise your job we do however have to reschedule other work that has already been booked in. All work required within 24 hours is subject to a 20% surcharge.
Business Support

Do you need your phone answered at specific times, on specific day's? Well we've got your back

Workz4U will answer your calls in a prompt and professional manner, take messages and forward them to you via email or text, confirm, cancel and take bookings on your behalf and answer general inquiries, all while you get on with your day.