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Association Secretariat

Association Secretariat

New Zealand Paint Manufacturers Association

Biggest Problem: The Cost of Employing a Secretariat

  • As a nationwide association the NZPMA employs a secretariat to take care of their administration, records and secretarial duties
  • Prior to employing Workz4U as their secretariat, the NZPMA were paying a set annual fee for these services
  • During this time the NZPMA was running at a loss

Our Solution: Time Based Secretariat Services

  • Initially we provided the same level of secretariat support that the NZPMA had previously been getting. This involved:
    • Meeting organisiation, attendance, minutes and follow up
    • Record keeping, including following up annual membership payments
    • General administration for the association
    • Regular communication with the association members by phone, post and email
  • Over time we have increased the level of support we provide for the NZPMA, in addition to the above we now also provide marketing, website development and updates, and project management



  • The NZPMA were paying their previous secretariat a set annual fee of approximately $14,000
  • Because we charge them only for the time we spend working for them they now spend an average of $7,000 per year on secretariat services
  • In the 4 years since employing Workz4U, the NZPMA have gone from running at a loss, to having $50K surplus which they are now using for projects that will benefit their members and the community