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Email Communication

Email Communication

CMT Therapeutic Massage

Biggest Problem: Keeping in Touch with Clients

  • As a sole trader Debbie was struggling to keep in contact with her clients whilst still being able to fit in a full day of massage appointments
  • Debbie’s clients had no regular contact from her, and as she had been battling with health issues she knew she needed to reassure them with regular updates
    • Our Solution: Monthly and Annual Emails

      • Each month we take a copy of Debbie’s current database, we then send a birthday message and voucher to all her clients who will be celebrating that month
      • We print vouchers for those who don’t have email addresses and send them off for Debbie
      • Each year we send an email to all of Debbie’s clients to wish them an enjoyable festive season and let them know when she will be away


      • This is quick and cost effective for Debbie, it offers her clients a reward and in turn keeps them coming back again and again
      • Each of Debbie’s clients is also reminded of her services at least twice a year (many live in the same household
      • Debbie's administration tasks don;t cut into her appointment times

      What They Have To Say

      I’ve been in business for about 5 years in Auckland. Last year I decided that it was high time that I got my data base up and running. Not knowing a thing about computers, Workz4u has been absolutely wonderful in helping me with all my administrative work. Its fantastic not having to worry about the things I both dislike doing and am hopeless at too. It’s just like magic with Donna and Jessica, as things happen like clockwork which then takes the stress away from me. I’m then able to do the work I’m good at and leave the rest of the stuff to the business support professionals!! Thanks girls, if it weren’t for you, I’d never have accomplished what I have during the past year.