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Prepare, Print & Post

Prepare, Print & Post

Roy Reddish Craftsman Painters

Biggest Problem: Presentation of Invoices and Quotes

  • As a tradesman Roy was struggling with the presentation of his quotes and invoices
  • Quotes were more often than not scribbled into his dairy and given to clients verbally
  • Roy’s invoicing presentation wasn’t much better

Our Solution: Prepare, Print and Post Service

  • Because Roy is often out on site he simply phones us with the details of any quote or invoice which needs to be sent
  • We then format this information into a pre-prepared template, print two copies and send one to Roy and one to his client


  • Roy’s clients receive professional documentation which reflects positively on Roy
  • Roy is better able to track his quotes and invoices and no longer has to try to decipher his own scribble
  • Roy finds he gets more of the jobs he quotes for, and his clients pay more promptly than before