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Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception

Mission Bay Physiotherapy

Biggest Problem: The Phone

  • As busy physiotherapists Nic, Nat and James don’t have a lot of time to spare, answering the phone was cutting into the productivity of their days.
  • They were having to schedule appointments around each other so that someone was always free to answer the phone
  • Mission Bay Physiotherapy had looked into employing a full time receptionist, however the costs associated with this were too high to justify

Our Solution: Virtual Reception

  • We are able to answer Mission Bay Physio’s incoming calls as if we were sitting in their clinic
  • Workz4U has access to Mission Bay Physio’s appointment software and as such can book, cancel and confirm appointments in real time
  • We take information on new patients, which saves time for both the physio and patient when they arrive for their first appointment



  • Compared to employing a full time receptionist on an average annual salary of $35-40K it costs Mission Bay Physiotherapy and average of $350 per month to emply Workz4U as Virtual Receptionists, that’s only $4,200 per year
  • Their clients are always greeted in a friendly helpful manner
  • Nic, Nat and James enjoy less interruption is their days

What they have to say

Since having Workz4Uon board, our business has grown exponentially. They are a great team and our patients always ask where the “wonderful receptionists are”!! Efficient, friendly and professional at every turn, it’s been a pleasure working with them – long may it continue!