DONNA VINCENT - Mission Control

Donna has worked in the administration and project management areas of small and large, domestic and internationally based companies for the last 25 years, culminating in working as a Process Improvement Manager for Asia Pacific.

In 2006 Donna started Workz4U with Donna Clapham, and together they built up a great little business in Pukekohe. The Conference business moved to Auckland in 2008 and Donna Clapham organises the day to day aspects of the Conferences, while Donna V, who has a strange fascination with numbers, keeps the finances tracked to within a cent.

When not tracking, coding, reconciling and analysing numbers, Donna V runs the Workz4U Business Support, Design and Printing office in Pukekohe, specialising in admin, project management, secretariat services and solving problems for customers.

Donna V is also mum to Shanya and Zoe. She enjoys spending time with her children, reading and enjoying any aspect of the outdoors.

BRETT WHYTE - Design Guru

It's quite hard to know where to start with what Brett can do ... Brett's experience is what sets him apart, as in his many years working in the marketing and advertising industries, he has worked in big and small agencies, with small one person companies, and large corporates and everything in between.

Here's a small list of just some of the things that he loves doing ...
- Graphic Design - from concept to production
- Marketing strategies - what do you want to achieve?
- Trade Stands - design through to set up
- Packaging Design - you don't have to be like everyone else, and it really doesn't have to cost the earth to be different
- Brand Identity
- Consumer Competitions & Promotions
- Illustration - from Technical to Whimsy
- Photography direction
- And way too many others to list. If you have any questions, just give Brett a call and be prepared to be blown away!

When not working, Brett can be found restoring old Land Rovers, acting, building 'things' and shopping - he is a master of finding the best deal!

Thank You

Over the last 10 years, we have had the most amazing staff working with us. Each one has given so much and without them, we wouldn't still be here.
We wish them all the best for their future endeavours as they keep moving forward onto bigger and better things.

  • Jess, our first employee, who could do everything from buying costumes for the Sevens, to admin, to designing full conference branding and materials.
  • Liz, who could pick up any programme with speed and finesse. She is also an amazing photographer.
  • Meisha, who's skill with graphic design was only just showing her full potential. Her work now is absolutely amazing.
  • Shinade, who's youth and enthusiasm was uplifting. She helped design some of the Pukekohe Christmas Flags that are still flying today.
  • Jayne, who showed us that English people were really quite fun to be around, and who could take some amazing photos.
  • Nicola, who could make a website look amazing, sort out documents with finesse and have the most positive attitude all the time. And let's not forget the cooking!
  • Paul, our first male employee, who came in as a young designer, and picked up skills in design and printing really quickly. He also put up with a room full of females with finesse and his sense of humour made him the most requested substitute at BNI!
  • Jacqui, who showed that Yorkshire people can do anything! Another chef, who treated us far too often, and we loved having her around.
  • Jaimee-Lee, our printographer, who created some wonderful designs, and tamed "the beast" to ensure it printed beautifully each time.